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Clerk: Laura Storey
PO Box 8108, Derby DE1 0ZU

Tel: 07941 052009

Update 6th October 2021

Barn Close Recreation Ground is now open for visitors to use the Trim Trail and play equipment, and enjoy relaxing at the picnic tables.

Parking in Barn Close is restricted. Please use the Village Hall Car Park.

Health and Safety

  • We have had a lot of rain, so be careful on the field.
  • Please avoid the coned off area at the top of the field until drainage works and reseeding are complete.
  • Read the 'how to use' information next to the Trim Trail equipment before using it.
  • Golf holes; please do not use these at present.

Still to be installed

  • General and dog waste bin
  • Bike racks
  • Kids' five a side goals
  • Improved fencing

We hope you enjoy using the new equipment.

Comments or suggestions?

Please contact Quarndon Parish Council at clerk@quarndon-pc.gov.uk or call 07941 052009.

Update 3rd October 2021

Barn Close Recreation Ground should be re-opened by the weekend of 9th October, once RoSAP check has taken place. The safety fencing will be removed.

The installation team's portable toilet will be removed shortly, as will the skip.

Bike rack, bin, goals all to come soon.


This playground is for the use of people of all ages.

Please treat it with respect and care for the wildlife

Well-behaved dogs are welcome.

There will soon be a bin for dog and general waste, to keep the play spaces clean and safe for us all.

Pedestrians and cyclists are welcome

The bike rack will be here for cyclists to use.

Barn Close is narrow and parking is very limited.

We need to make sure there is access for emergency vehicles

If you are visiting by car, please use the Village Hall car park 5 minutes' walk away.

Any questions? Any issues?

Ring 999 in an emergency, otherwise contact

Parish Clerk Mrs L Storey

PO Box 8108, Derby DE1 0ZU, Tel: 07941 052009 clerk@quarndon-pc.gov.uk

Update 20th September 2021

Barn Close recreation ground will be closed from 21st September to 5th October for the installation of Trim Trail and play equipment. Click on the 'Barn Close temporary closure' link below for a download with more information.

Visitors to the recreation ground will have noticed barrier tape and cones at the top of the field. These have been put in place to protect the areas newly-seeded after the land drain was put in place to sort out the soggy patch at the top of the field to the right of the existing goalposts. They are also there to remind visitors not to go near the newly dug area at the top of the field.

Update 9th August 2021

Volunteers have been busy in the Barn Close recreation ground recently, smartening up the swings with a good rub down and lovely new red and blue paint. We have fitted new shackles (the D-shaped hoops that connect the swing chain to the frame) on three of the swings. Bird spikes have been added to the top of the swings as nobody wants to have to clean up swing seats from the unwanted results of a visit by pigeons.

The bench by the swings has been repainted and will soon have its front seat panel replaced, and the cleaned basketball hoop looks good again.

The goal which has been part of the field ever since it was opened for play has been restored to its original brilliant white and and few small overhanging branches have been removed. Two five-a-side goals with nets, suitable for younger children, have been ordered as well.

There will be drainage installed at the top corner of the field before Playdale (play equipment suppliers) arrive on Monday 20th September to install Trim Trail equipment for adults and older children and a see-saw for the little ones. The work should take five working days, weather permitting. The field will be closed off for safety whilst the work is taking place.

Barn Close is narrow and parking is very limited; we are installing a bike rack. Everyone enjoying the recreation ground wants to know that there is always access for emergency vehicles, just in case, so if you are visiting the recreation ground by car, please use the Village Hall car park 5 minutes' walk away. Walking and cycling are best, rounded off by a work-out on the Trim Trail, a game of footy with the children or relaxing at one of the two new picnic tables.