Staffed by volunteers from the village, and co-ordinated by a central Derbyshire police unit, Quarndon Community Speedwatch is proving to be a definite deterrent to those who choose to ignore communities' 30mph road signs.

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Although things are on hold at the moment, we had become a very efficient outfit just before lockdown.

Community Speed Watch Update 21st May 2020

Speed Watch is now run by a central police unit. All our data is collected and analysed by them. We now have our own speed gun, high viz jackets and road signs so we can be out there whenever volunteers are available.

An initial speeding offence invokes a letter from the police. If someone is caught speeding for a second time anywhere in the police surveillance area, which covers a number of local villages, they receive a stronger letter and a third time triggers a visit from the police.

This is a highly effective way to deter speeders from cutting through our village. At the same time it gathers information which can be used as evidence in any attempt to address the traffic problems in Quarndon.

If you want to get involved contact Isobel:

Look out for us once the lockdown is lifted!

Speedwatch members take a break

Photograph by Isobel Shorrock

Speedwatch members take a break

Photograph by Isobel Shorrock