The Quarndon Community Group (QCG), which was originally named the Quarndon Support Group, was set up quickly in March 2020 to ensure that all residents of the Parish of Quarndon had a source of local help during the Covid-19 pandemic. This mutual help network remains a key objective, but we think that the QCG has a long-term role beyond Covid-19, to work together in Quarndon on objectives that include:

  • Promoting use of local suppliers (particularly for food and other essentials) during the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • Environmental, recycling, and renewable energy projects;
  • Promotion of walking and cycling;
  • Wildlife protection and habitat enhancement; and
  • A "Repair Shop"

We would welcome additional ideas, for both short and long-term objectives for the QCG. Please send these to:

The QCG steering group currently comprises Keith Thomas (QCG chair), Isobel Shorrock, Ros Grum, Lesley Kirkland, Clare Turner and Katie Davies. We would welcome anyone else from the Parish who wishes to join the steering group. Please use the contact email above.

QCG publishes a newsletter every few weeks. Please see QCG Newsletters

Click on the link below for Quarndon Community Group's Constitution.