Update 27th March 2022

Although the Covid events of the last two years are, hopefully, behind us, Quarndon Parish Council, Community Group and several other groups covering the Parish of Quarndon got together to arrange Quarndon Support Group, a network of volunteers who can help to support community members, particularly those who are self-isolating.

Members of Quarndon Support Group appreciate that during the most dangerous stages of the pandemic many relatives, friends and neighbours made arrangements to help one another, which was great.

Today we still want to ensure that 100% of households in the Parish have contact details for someone local who is linked into this network of volunteers who can try to provide help if/when it is required.

Quarndon Support Group

If you are self-isolating due to COVID-19, working in the NHS or other critical role, or would simply appreciate some local support, for whatever reason, then just call your local contact below and we'll do our best to help you (for free) with:

• Picking up shopping

• A friendly phone call

• Posting mail

• Urgent supplies e.g. prescriptions

• Anything else?

Email qcg@quarndon-village.org.uk or ring Isobel 840702 or Clare 840138

Note: Nobody will knock at your door unless already arranged by phone

If you are able to help in any way then do please join the Support Group. Help with any of the tasks above would be appreciated. Please phone Isobel on 840702 if you can help.

Update 30th September 2021
Sources of mental health support

Emotional support helpline

During these difficult times there are occasions when people could do with some emotional support. The Emotional Support Helpline provides a route to this.

To find out more, clock on the poster above this text or call 01773 734989 or text 07537 410028. Webchat is available too; just follow the link to Rethink below.


Mental health and addiction resource

Rehab4addiction logo

Click on the link below for a link to a resource page for people living in Derbyshire who may be experiencing issues with addiction and/or mental health.