Fun and Brain Food

2nd April 2021

Calling all bookworms! Derby Book Festival's March Book Quiz is here, only a little late. See below.

We've kept the ideas for fun ways for families to spend some time at home, and a selection of ideas from earlier in the year.

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Derby Book Festival Literature Quizzes

Derby Book Festival logo

Here is some some book-related entertainment from Derby Book Festival.

Click on the link below for the March quiz - and answers!

Have a look at the Derby Book Festival website too; there is a lot to enjoy and some 2021 dates for your diary.

Family makes from Derby Museums: Pompom launcher, paper statues, kindness box...


Use popular craft items to make lots of exciting creations.

Short videos and list of what you need make these activities family-friendly.

Children: don't forget to ask your grown ups before you start!

Click on the link to find out more.

Felt tip printing, Shadow puppets and Plastic Bag weaving

Royal Academy of Arts logo

These mini projects, plus many more, can be found on the Royal Academy website, which includes lots of fun art that families can enjoy at home.

Click on the link to find out more.

Painted Pebbles

Pebble painted with the words 'Be kind'

6th July 2020

Nestling safely in the crook of a tree, a crevice in a wall or a rock, brightly painted pebbles surprise and delight passers by. They are fun to create; have a look at the link below.

Safety advice: When you paint your pebble be very careful to put it in a safe place where it can't cause a choking hazard for small children or animals: if you see a perfect spot, perhaps in a garden, ask the owner before you can place your pebble!

Painted pebble nestling in a tree

Draw a memory map of Quarndon

Centre for Architecture logo

9th May 2020

It would be great if you could take a photo of your completed map and send it to

This activity, created by the New York Centre for Architecture, asks you to...

'Close your eyes and imagine taking a walk from your home out into your block or neighborhood. What places or things stand out? Everyone experiences their neighborhood in their own personal way. Share yours by making a memory map that shows the places that make your neighborhood special to you.

Memory maps often mix drawings and words, and don't need to be accurate. Think about the sounds, colors, textures, and smells that are part of your experience as you walk around your neighborhood. Can you include these somehow? There is no "right way" to make a memory map. Your map should reflect you and your unique view of your neighborhood!'

Click here for the activity:

Adults: to find lots more Memory Map ideas, not just by youngsters, see

Brush up your Shakespeare

A quiz to test your knowledge of virus-related themes and characters in Shakespeare's plays. Questions and answers here.