Quarndon Neighbourhood Plan – Housing Needs Assessment

It was decided that a formal independent Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) for the parish of Quarndon would assist in preparation of the Quarndon Neighbourhood Plan. Most small parishes would not qualify for the "Technical Support" grant necessary to fund an HNA, but the scale of the (400 home) development being proposed by Catesby Estates at the south of the parish enabled Quarndon to meet the funding criteria.

Locality approved the grant allocation in August 2017 and AECOM planning consultants were engaged by the end of the same month to carry out the work.

A summary of the Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) for the Parish of Quarndon for the period of 2018 to 2033 is shown below:

The full HNA report produced by AECOM (planning consultants) and issued in March 2018 is shown below:

  • Quarndon HNA Final Report (PDF, 1.7 Mb)

    Quarndon Housing Needs Assessment Final Report by AECOM planning consultants in March 2018

It should be noted that AECOM's report forecasts an unconstrained need for the number of additional dwellings needed in the Parish from 2018 to 2033. The constraints that exist and how these modify the housing need are covered in the summary document linked above.

Additional conclusions in AECOM's final report are summarised below:

Affordable Housing

A greater focus on Affordable and Social rent dwellings is proposed compared to the Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update (SHMAU). Despite the demographic projections suggesting the provision of Starter homes, the high housing prices in the Quarndon NPA reduce the impact that a 20% market reduction would have.

Demand/need for smaller dwellings

The provision of 2-3 bedroom dwellings (in contrast to the small presence in the NPA housing stock) is deemed appropriate. In keeping with the existing housing context, the focus should be on smaller semi-detached and detached dwellings with a lower number of bedrooms.

Demographic Change

As a consequence of the demand for elderly-suitable and entry-level housing, combined with low levels of projected growth, a recommendation for the increased provision of 2-3 bedroom units is appropriate.

Growth in the Private Rental Sector

The provision of more affordable rented dwellings within the Quarndon NPA is recommended.