The QNP Document and how it should be used

The final "made" version of the Neighbourhood Plan is available here:

This QNP document contain a set of planning policies that are used in conjunction with the Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) Local Plan policies to decide all planning applications made for development within the Parish of Quarndon.

The Planning Policies contained in the QNP can be found in the following sections of the QNP document:

7.2 Policies for Spatial Strategy (i.e. land use);

7.3 Policies for Housing Location, Design and Character;

7.4 Policies for Design and Built Character;

7.5 Policies for Community, Leisure and Employment;

7.6 Policies for Renewable Energy;

7.7 Policies for Rural Character, Heritage Assets and Environment;

7.8 Policies for Infrastructure

These policies should be referred to, in conjunction with those in the applicable AVBC Local Plan, in advance of any proposal for built development within the Parish of Quarndon being drawn up.

Anyone considering built development within the Parish of Quarndon would be very welcome to have advance discussion of their ideas and how they relate to the provisions in the QNP with members of the Quarndon Parish Council.

Planning Applications submitted to AVBC that comply with the policies in both the QNP and AVBC Local Plan can expect to receive approval.

If Planning Applications for the Parish of Quarndon are submitted to AVBC that contravene the policies in the QNP and/or AVBC Local Plan, then AVBC can be expected to reject them.

In both the case of where an application complies with the policies of the QNP and also the case where an application contravenes the policies of the QNP, it will help ensure that AVBC's planning officers reach the correct decision if residents of the Parish of Quarndon respond formally to AVBC to support or object to the application.

When supporting or objecting to an application it is essential to refer to the applicable planning policies from the AVBC Local Plan and/or the QNP that justify the support or objection being made.