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Clerk: Laura Storey
PO Box 8108, Derby DE1 0ZU

Tel: 07941 052009

Neighbourhood Watch

Quarndon Neighbourhood Watch (QNW)

QNW is part of the national Neighbourhood Watch schemes. See https://www.ourwatch.org.uk/

If you have not yet signed up for Quarndon Neighbourhood Watch then send an email to pricegerald3@aol.com. You will then receive emails about recent incidents in the village and updates about the such things as the various scams taking place. You will also get notice of any meetings.

One important aspect of neighbourhood watch is to be a good neighbour - that is keeping your eyes open for cars which you don't recognise or strangers near your neighbour's house, especially if the neighbours are elderly. Also please try to pass on the contents of any Police Alert relevant messages to neighbours who do not have email.

If you see anything suspicious then please phone 101 which will take you through to Derbyshire Police.