Consultation in Support of the Quarndon Neighbourhood Plan

The Quarndon Neighbourhood Plan (QNP) represents the wishes of the residents and stakeholders in the Parish of Quarndon, which were determined through extensive consultation. Specifically, this included:

  • A community questionnaire;
  • 20 open Steering Group meetings;
  • 5 community drop-in sessions;
  • 2 community presentation evenings;
  • 3 footpath walk days/drop-in events;
  • More than 20 meetings with stakeholders;
  • 6-week formal "Regulation 14" public consultation;
  • 6-week formal "Regulation 16" public consultation;
  • Independent examination; and
  • Parish referendum.

Questionnaire analysis

A summary of the results of the community questionnaire, which achieved a 64% response rate from Parish residents is linked below:

Consultation Statement

To support independent examination of the QNP a formal "Consultation Statement" was submitted to the examiner, along with the Plan document itself. This Consultation Statement provided details of all the inputs that contributed to producing the Plan and is linked below:

Basic conditions

It was also required to submit a "Basic Conditions Statement" to the independent examiner to set out how the QNP complied with applicable UK government and EU legislation. This Basic Conditions Statement (BCS) is linked below:

Note: The BCS makes extensive reference to QNP policies numbered as they were in the QNP version submitted for examination in Nov. 2018. As a result of the independent examiner's feedback several changes were made to the QNP that resulted in many of its policies being renumbered. This may cause confusion if this BCS is read in conjunction with the Final QNP. The submission version of the QNP is available on request to Quarndon Parish Council.