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Quarndon Neighbourhood Plan Documents

The Submitted Neighbourhood Plan comprises three documents:

  • The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), containing the planning policies
  • The Consultation Statement, containing the evidence to support the policies
  • The Basic Conditions Statement, showing how the Plan is legally compliant

The final Neighbourhood Plan comprises the NDP only which, having completed independent examination and approval by AVBC, has been confirmed to meet all the required conditions for a Neighbourhood Plan. This Plan was subject of a referendum on 27 June 2019 to allow the Parish to decide whether the Plan should be used to help decide future planning applications in the Parish. It was agreed.

The Quarndon Neighbourhood Plan carries legal weight from the date on which AVBC accepted the submission (9 Nov 2018) and should be considered when deciding planning application in the Parish.

The submitted documents are shown below and can be downloaded :