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Montpelier's wild flowers

Click on the link below to download an illustrated information sheet about Montpelier's wild flowers.

Wildflower Update, 20th September 2020

The last few cornflowers blooming amongst the seedheads are still attracting bees and other insects, and the leaves of next year's display are growing up underneath.

In the next few weeks the dried stalks will be cut down and collected, once they are no longer attracting insects.

For more information about wildflowers in the village, and how you can help increase biodiversity in your garden, contact qcg@quarndon-pc.gov.uk

Insects on blue cornflowers, Montpelier Island

Cornflowers, Montpelier

Blooming Quarndon

29th June 2020

The baskets and planters have arrived and we can enjoy watching them mature and bloom. We hope they will enhance your walks and cycles around the village. They are supplied by local firm, Plantscape, who will water them once a week.

The blooms have been made possible through fundraising at the Auction of Promises, a Community Action Grant and money from Derbyshire County Council.

It would be useful to know what you think so please visit the Blooming Quarndon Facebook page to comment or email qcg@quarndon-village.org.uk

Should we aim to have blooms next year?

Tell us what you think of the wildflower roundabout and verges at Montpelier. Should we have more wildflower areas in the village?

Taken any photos of Blooming Quarndon? We'd love them for the website Gallery.

Please email photos to web@quarndon-pc.gov.uk

Thank you!

25th June 2020

Overnight Quarndon has become full of flowers, on lamp posts, in tubs, in hanging baskets.

Quietly the dedicated team from suppliers Plantscape put the plants in place on the evening of Wednesday 24th June, so the village woke up this morning to Blooming Quarndon.

The flowers will be watered weekly in the early evening, and will soon reach their full glory.

Up for a challenge? Count the number of flower-embellished lamp posts in the village. You might even get your 10,000 steps finding out!

25 June 2020

The wild flower island in Montpelier, full of native species, is bursting into bloom. Now flowering are cornflower, poppy, corn marigold and corn camomile.

To find out more about Quarndon's wild flowers, or to learn how to plant some yourself, contact rosgrum@gmail.com

For lots of helpful information about wild flowers, our environment's beautiful life support, visit https://www.plantlife.org.uk/uk

Blooming Quarndon

Update 26th May: The baskets are on their way

A combination of fund raisers and kind donations will soon have led to the glorious display of colour that will enhance lots of lamp posts and planters in the village. Less than a month to go!

Please email Isobel isobeljshorrock@gmail.com if you are interested in joining 'Blooming Quarndon' or to make any comment or suggestion.

Please LIKE the Blooming Quarndon Facebook page – you can get the latest updates from here and comment as well.

And please, when the basket and planters are installed - take as many photos as you can, and send them to web@quarndon-pc.gov.uk to add to our village gallery.

Lamp post basket in Burley Lane