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Blooming Quarndon

Let's make it happen!

We have had many positive comments about the Burley Lane and Tea Room hanging baskets and the planter next to the post box. This has led to discussions with Plantscape about extending the initiative throughout the village. They are very supportive and will give us the best deal they can.

The Parish Council is supportive and will contribute but we will need to have contributions from the village as well. If enough people get involved the cost will be minimal and includes maintenance throughout the summer. The aim is to have a basket on every viable lamp post on the main roads and displays at each village entrance, so everyone will be able to enjoy them.

People on side roads could get together to pay for baskets for their lamp posts and/or planters. We will aim to put the whole order through the Parish Council as this will be most cost effective.

Please email Isobel isobeljshorrock@gmail.com if you are willing to contribute or to make any comment/suggestion. If there are any businesses willing to sponsor a larger planter it would be great to hear from you.

There will also be some fundraising events.

Please LIKE the Blooming Quarndon Facebook page – you can get the latest updates from here and comment as well.

Lamp post basket in Burley Lane