This has information and documents for the volunteers. Other people are most welcome to join the group of volunteers.

Covid-19 Volunteer Help Request Form

It's important that we create a summary of the help given by the whole group of volunteers. It's easiest to collate the data if all volunteers use a standard form (Covid-19 Volunteer Help Request Record). The form is available for download in MS Excel and pdf formats. Either fill in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or print and then write details onto the PDF version.

We ask that each volunteer (or family) fills in a row on their form each time that they are contacted for help. There's no need for the full address - house name or number and road are sufficient. Under 'Type of help' please put in a number into the relevant columns ('Shopping', 'Food ordering' etc). Normally this would be 1 but if the person made similar requests on the same day then it could be 2, 3 etc.

If you are able to give some or all the help requested then enter the date into the column 'Date when help requested was provided or passed on'. If you are not able to meet all the request then please enter the date when you passed on the request to another volunteer and the name of this person and comments the final column. Entering these details is a useful way to ensure that you do not forget to deal with the request.

Please remember to put your name at the top of the form. Also, please keep a running total of each type of help requested in the boxes in 'Total of help requests...Use new sheets as necessary.

At intervals you will be asked to provide the total numbers of each type of help requested. Please provide a list of 6 numbers corresponding to the types of help requested since the start e.g 1,0, 2, 1,0,2. You can do this as an email or a phone call. The totalled figures from all the volunteers will provide a summary of the help requested.

The completed sheets with the full details will be extremely useful when we do a final analysis of the whole project - once the Covid-19 emergency is over. So please keep the sheets.

You may wish to keep your own personal diary of what you did and how you felt while giving help. You might even end up writing a book about your experiences!

If you have an interesting or inspiring story of an incident during the period then please send an email to so that it can be added to the website.