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Quarndon Traffic Group

Responses to the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire revealed concern amongst residents about traffic in the village – especially speeding and parking.

The Neighbourhood Plan cannot directly address traffic issues, but areas of concern like these need a point of focus, and so the Quarndon Traffic Group was formed. Its five members are from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and the Parish Council.

With traffic there are not always quick fixes, and Quarndon isn't the only village with these challenges. However the group actively liaises with bodies responsible for roads, highways and enforcement with the aim of making movement around the village safe for pedestrians and road traffic alike.

So what can you do?

  • Send comments and suggestions to Traffic Group member Christian Rossell via clerk@quarndon-pc.gov.uk
  • Train as a Community Speedwatch volunteer. Community Speedwatch is proving to be a definite deterrent to those who choose to ignore communities' 30mph road signs. Interested in joining a future training course? Contact Isobel Shorrock on isobeljshorrock@gmail.com or 07931770238.
  • Get planting! There is evidence that plant and floral displays, especially at village gateways, can alert drivers that they are entering a residential area. See http://www.sustrans.org.uk/sites/default/files/images/files/migrated-pdfs/Section%2011.%20Introducing%20plants%20and%20trees%20into%20your%20street.pdf Residents at the bottom of Burley Lane have arranged for displays by local company Plantscape to highlight the A6 entrance to the village and the village centre, and are aiming to make their front gardens bright with flowers this summer. Visit the Blooming Quarndon facebook page to find out more, to make comments or suggestions or to volunteer to add eye-catching blooms to your part of the village too.

From the Traffic Group Minutes, March 2017 onwards

Quarndon Traffic Group continue to lobby Derbyshire County Council in order to highlight and mitigate traffic issues in the village. Areas of concern and action continue to involve:

  • Village limit on HGV lorries' weight travelling through the village, particularly relevant now that planning permission has been granted for the 400-house development on Kedleston Road.
  • Placing roadside features to mark village entrances. This has led to the formation of Blooming Quarndon, whose efforts have brought hanging baskets and other floral containers to the village centre, and the Burley Lane entrance.
  • Parking in the village, including lobbying for double white lines in the area of Church Road affected by pavement parking outside the Joiners Arms.
  • Ways to lessen the use of Quarndon as a 'rat run' en route to the A6 and A38.
  • Ways to encourage drivers to stick to the 30mph speed limit through the village. Quarndon Community Speedwatch has been formed; volunteers monitor the speed of vehicles at key points in the village, with relevant information being passed to the Police.
  • Reducing the speed limit on the A6 at the bottom of Burley Lane, particularly in the light of the tragic accident there in 2018.

Updated 25th June 2019