Walking around Quarndon

Quarndon has an excellent network of footpaths and bridleways waiting to be explored. If you normally go up into the Peak District perhaps avoid driving and walk from home.

You will find local walks which stay within Quarndon plus longer circular walks starting in Quarndon which pass through Duffield or Allestree Park.

If you know an interesting walk, perhaps with good views, wild flowers or wildlife, then please send details to web@quarndon-pc.gov.uk. Add photos if you take any.

You can discover Quarndon and its environs in more detail when you view the multi-layered Quarndon map. The map is shown very small initially. Zoom out by using the mouse wheel or the +- signs. Click on the layer names to display or hide each layer. The Quarndon Rights of Way Map shows footpaths and bridleways highlighted in pink, available to download below.

Quarndon Walking Group

A local walking group in Quarndon has been operating for about a year in the village following popular demand. The group meets up around the first/second week of the month on a Friday afternoon for local walks typically of 5-6 miles starting from the village hall and taking around 3 hours.

A WhatsApp group shares arrangements across around twenty-five participants with typically ten or so participants on each walk. We aim to explore local footpaths and try to include a stop for refreshments part way - a pub or café! It's a good way to both exercise and socialise.

If you are interested in joining our group (dogs welcome) then please contact Martin & Kathy Cross at the email below and provide your mobile number for inclusion in the WhatsApp group for messaging:


Walk from Quarndon to Holbrook for Breakfast - or Lunch or Dinner

This is an approximately 8 mile round trip with a great spot for refreshments.

If you fancy a shorter version you can park at the Bridge Inn in Duffield. (5 miles)

Cock Inn to Quarndon walk

Enjoy a trip on Quarndon's local bus, the 114, and walk back to Quarndon Village Hall. Feeling fit? Walk both ways!

Comments and questions about the walks welcome, and if you would like to create a Quarndon-based walk of your own for others to enjoy, please email web@quarndon-pc.gov.uk

A family winter walk and I-Spy questions

Champion Park Walk

Quarndon Heritage Family Walk

If you need a walk to help shake down the Christmas pudding, try this one. It's almost completely on pavements and hard surfaces, and you can do as much or as little of it as you fancy.

Apologies for the few extraneous letters at the very end of the walk - we're working on this!

More information about the topics covered in the walk can be found in 'Quarndon Then and Now', the 2008 history of the village. A few copies for residents are still available; contact clerk@quarndon-pc.gov.uk

A Walk to the Shops

  • A Walk to the Shops (PDF, 930 Kb)

    This walk takes you along pavements and made up roads to the Blenheim Parade shops. It is possible to walk in Quarndon in the winter without getting too muddy!

Poets, Puddles and Long-lost Trams - Banks of the Derwent Walk

A 2.5 hour walk with river views, poetry, historic buildings and railway heritage plus a refreshment stop.

This walk is good in wet conditions as a large part is on minor roads and tracks but is even better on a fine day when this historic landscape and the views of the Ecclesbourne Valley can be fully appreciated.

Bunkers Hill Circular Walk

A short 2.5 mile walk with a good climb. Allow 1 hour for a brisk walk or a bit longer if you like to take photos and admire the views. This walk works well in either direction.

Church Road and Fields to the East Circular Walk

This walk of 1.8 miles (3km) takes about an hour to complete on roads and the fields on the east side of Church Road. There are plenty of opportunities to pause and enjoy wild flowers, trees and distant countryside views.

Quarndon to Mackworth Circular Walk

This delightful circular route guides walkers to the boundary of Markeaton Park, taking in some lovely views en route.

  • Quarndon to Mackworth Circular Walk (PDF, 6.1 Mb)

    This walk takes you close to our medieval past. Click on the link below for fascinating information and a map from Historic England about Mackworth medieval settlement. Known then as Macheuorde, Mackworth was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.

    There is evidence of a castle gatehouse, part of the medieval open field system and a pinfold, used to hold cattle and other animals either as a penalty for straying and causing damage, or as an indemnity against debt or default.


Giant Hogweed by Footpaths
Thursday 23rd April 2022 - News Update

Giant Hogweed has been found in two locations: close to Footpath 11, by the footbridge that crosses the brook near Bath Plantation and obstructing the footpath at Park Nook. Inn Lane would provide an alternative route to avoid it.

There may also be growths of Giant Hogweed in other locations around the Parish, so please be alert and take care.

Although attractive to look at this plant is not one to go near, and certainly not brush against as its sap can cause burns. It contains furocoumarin, an organic chemical compound which makes skin extremely sensitive to sunlight. Sap on the skin plus sunshine can lead to painful and long-lasting burns.

Derbyshire County Council have been informed and will deal with this unwelcome visitor. In the meantime, please take note of the warning signs and give it a wide berth.

For more information on Giant Hogweed follow the Woodland Trust link below.


Village Map - testing

Here is a link to a new mapping facility being tested. It has a variety of layers which you can switch on or off. Also, you can zoom in or out and move the centre of the map so that you can see other areas. It may take a few seconds when you move the map for all the details to appear.


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